Kitchen Sink Drama

Whose turn is it to do the washing up tonight then?

Kitchen Sink Drama transports players and their kitchen sinks out of the humdrum and onto enchanting journeys, turning your washing up into a meditation on your ambitions and place in the world. A voyage from the plughole to the rolling seas.

You will receive a mystery parcel in the post containing all you need for you and a friend to create a unique miniature performance in your own kitchen.

Who: You and a friend

Where: A kitchen with a sink

When: Your choice - you’ll need about an hour of peace and quiet

Previous Table Top Theatre Players said:

"APPLAUSE!!!! That was excellent. Great idea, meticulously executed."
"An intimate, absorbing, fun and fascinating way to deepen a friendship"
"Thanks for sending such a wonderful surprise in the post - it was absolutely magical"
"It was really exciting, opening the package together … and not knowing quite what was going to happen."

Each package for two players now costs just £15 including p&p. Click the button on the right to purchase using a debit card, credit card or PayPal.

Table Top Theatre

'Table Top Theatre for Two'… for true romantics

A mystery package containing instructions, scripts, mini props and surprise hand made objects helps players create a personal piece of 'theatre' on a table top, capturing the essence of their own distinctive love story in a really memorable way.

This perfect wedding or anniversary gift gives romantics the opportunity to star in their own miniature theatre at home & together create a unique romantic interlude evocative of the classic black & white movie era…A fun and magical journey that begins when two strangers meet on a train..

Previous players said:

"We absolutely adored the theatre package you sent through – it’s a very cute, gorgeous, just lovely, pretty special thing to do (and not even needing to venture out of my home!)."
"My partner and I starred in our own table top theatre performance last night; I wanted to tell you just how special it was. So much better than going out for an overpriced and indifferent meal. It really set the tone for a romantic evening."
"It was absolutely magical, great fun & we wanted to do another one."

Each package for two players costs £18 including p&p. Click the button on the right to purchase using a debit card, credit card or PayPal.