Lifting the Lid

Ceremonial performance & workshop series looking at story sharing around death and dying.

Funded by Arts Council England, this project asked "How do we share our stories of death, dying and grief? Are they all we have to communally understand this most intimate yet universal of human experiences?"

The first stage of the project was a series of story gathering workshops. A cardboard coffin filled with everyday objects was taken to the general public in homes, streets and schoolrooms and used to reflect on death and mortality in a safe and creative space. Groups and passers-by shared real stories and experiences of their everyday realities of death and grieving.

The second stage saw this shared material developed into a ceremonial public performance. Characters, puppets and poetry, tales, music and enchantments, led participants on a reflection on living and dying, creating space for consideration, marking and exchange.

"Dramatic intimate and effective exploration of the sensitive issue of our attitudes to death, the participation pulled long held memories to the surface."
Audience Member

"They refresh the performance/reality theme with delicacy and charm."
Audience Member

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