A View From The Hills

Creative Consultation & Public Artworks

Commissioned by North East Somerset Arts, to work with two small town communities to find out about and encourage the creativity in people's everyday lives.

Artists travelled the streets with an ever changing box which opened up into a workshop space and talking shop. Members of the public engaged in creative encounters on the street to write poems, make prints, draw imaginary maps and tell stories.

This content was then worked by artists into eight beautiful and provoking artworks which were reproduced as posters and postcards. With over 100 posters displayed and postcards delivered through every letterbox the artworks created a visual splash and were a gift and reflection back to participants of their thoughts, ideas and dreams.

"I'm going to put this on my wall in a frame... This is lovely... Its about you that is... Well you tell them about yourself and your week and then they'll write you a poem. It's really nice!"
Participant comments

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