Ceremonies and Rites of Passage

Examples of life’s milestones and changes you may wish to mark with a ceremony:

    Birth or naming of a child

    Adoption or Fostering

    Funerals & Memorials

    Marriage and Commitment




    Coming of Age

    Moving Home or location

    Illness and recovery

Naming Ceremonies bring families and friends together to mark and celebrate the birth of a child. They are an opportunity to introduce the child to its wider family and friends and to publicly announce the name. To create a ceremony parents may wish to write commitments to the child and make known their hopes for their new family. The ceremony can be a welcoming of the child into the world and a chance for everyone to celebrate its arrival with food, music and gifts. A Celebratory Artist might decorate your space, create a beacon to announce the arrival of your child, or create a handmade book of the event.

Weddings and commitment ceremonies are ever changing in our shifting society and culture but essentially bring two networks of family, friends and colleagues together to witness two people make a commitment to one another. Couples have many choices to make to create their individual celebration with themselves at the heart, whilst also making a congregation feel involved and at ease. A Celebrant can guide a couple through these choices, adapting traditions and finding new ways for couples to express themselves to their families whilst helping a couple consider everyone’s needs. A Celebratory artist might create a willow archway for the couple to leave through, make special flags to decorate the ceremonial space or manage a participatory activity for guests on the day.

Funeral & Memorial ceremonies are a chance for those left behind to remember and pay tribute to someone who has died and can support the bereaved in being able to move forward in their lives. Once feel very strongly that options should be clearly offered to the bereaved in the organisation of funerals and memorials: that in difficult circumstances people should be offered support to make the right choices for them and not be pressed into creating a ceremony that doesn’t fit them or the deceased. There are more and more options available to create the most fitting occasion, woodland burial sites, changing crematoriums, coffins and urns made from different materials being just a few. Once offer the services of Celebrants and Celebratory artists to support and enhance these choices.

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